03 May 2011

various exciting and life-changing notes

1. I didn't really feel like running last night so I was like, fine I will just do around 3 miles, and then I was like, WELL, MIGHT AS WELL MAKE IT A TEMPO RUN! My thought process makes no sense, even to me. Mostly I was just tired of seeing an above-9-minute pace on dailymile. Anyway, I ran 3.2 and my pace, which felt only a little uncomfortable, was 8:42. Happy! :)

2. I remain the only participant in the Legend of Arlage 5K. So either I'm going to win many things, or I am going to be running with super-elite runners who are flying under the radar and too busy being awesome to check into races on dailymile.

See you there, Lindsay!

3. I figured out how to do Google Friend Connect or whatever, so I should be following you all publicly now. Still don't really know what that means; still using Google Reader to actually read everything. I am a master of technology.

4. This:

and also this:

are pleasing me this week.

5. Post White House Correspondents' Dinner, I have spent some time contemplating Donald Trump's hair. I don't get it. Can anyone explain it to me?


I feel like it's a combover of some sort, but it seems to defy all laws of physics and gravity and hair products.

6. Sophie was just wondering if you had donated to my marathon yet.

She used to live in a box and now she doesn't, and would like you to consider donating money so that other homeless cats can know the joy of sitting in a box....inside a house!

The end. I am in a meeting and just got asked to email the notes I'm obviously typing to the boss when we're done. Hope he enjoys my Donald Trump musings and then makes a donation to PAWS.


  1. I was dying laughing at the White house Correspondence dinner. I love a president that can actually laugh. :)

    & it's clearly a really bad toupe.

  2. but I really don't think it is! because look how it BLOWS IN THE WIND!

    I think my favorite part was Obama blasting Trump...."I mean, these are decisions that would keep me up at night."

  3. Trumps hair is ridiculous.
    LOVE your notes...hope your boss does, too!

  4. How much do I have to pay you to be my BFF?
    You seriously made my night with your Tami Taylor comment! LOVE HER!! And I think she's gorgeous, so I'm going to take that as a compliment! haha.
    And...Yes, I'm secretly married to Coach Taylor. Shh. Don't tell. I'll let him follow you as long as your keep showering me with fabulous comments like these!! : )
    Def going to check out Hey Dude on ITUNES! HOW EXCITING!!!

  5. More pictures of Kismet & Sophie pls.

  6. Trump's hair really has it's own personality, much like Javier Bardem's hair in "No Country For Old Men" (awesome movie). Feel free to worry when Trump's hair becomes self-aware, like SkyNet, and decide's to take out the human race, because we are a threat to it's self-esteem the way keep laughing at it, and all. :-)