10 May 2011


It is apparently 84 degrees outside. I can't even. I am not sure I know how to run in temperatures higher than 60. I shouldn't be surprised because how it works in Wisconsin is this: it starts snowing in October, you will have two or three nice days in April, it will continue to snow until May and then one day BOOM it's summer. There is no spring here; until I moved to Maryland for grad school I was not really sure that spring was a season that actually existed (maybe it existed in New York but there weren't so many trees in Manhattan so it was hard to tell for sure).

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and let y'all know so you could look forward to the next post which will inevitably be about sweat running into my eyes. I'm wearing the tiniest shorts known to man and my cats puked on my running shoes right before I got home.

Obviously it's go time.


  1. Running in the heat is fuuuuun. :P Not really, it kinda sucks. Come summer i'm going to have to wake up at 4am if i want to run in weather under 100 degrees.

    Cats puke a lot, don't they? My co worker is always telling me about how her cats barf all over her shoes, too.

  2. To answer your question from my blog....I've been race walking for awhile so I'm still relatively new to running so I don't have a good feel for my race pace. Everything except the 400s and 800s were done as fast as I could possibly go. I would say the 800s were done at my half marathon run pace...which is the same at my 5K run pace...hehe. :) Also, I have cats that tend to puke on shoes. :(