25 May 2011


Y'all, I have been so UGH about running lately. Somehow, I magically took a week off (????), and ever since then it's just been impossible for me to get going.

I am legitimately unsure how this week off happened. I ran last Monday and it felt good and I enjoyed it, and then I had a bunch of work days where I was at the office late, but there was also that one day where I got done with work at 2, and I drove home on Friday thinking I couldn't wait to run, but then the world was going to end the next day so I just ate pizza instead, and then it was hot on the weekend, and UGH. I got up early and went before work Monday, but I sort of keep forgetting about that because it was FOREVER ago and it was before 8 am so it basically doesn't count. I planned to take yesterday off. I also planned to run again this morning, which didn't happen. I want to do 5 miles today, but am already doubting my ability to do so. I don't know why. Just doubting. I'm all in my head. It's annoying.

I have tried many things to undo this pattern. I registered for two more races, a 10K in two and a half weeks and a half-marathon in July. I bought new running shorts and a tank top, both of which are cute. And still! I remain bleh! I know this will go away eventually but I don't feel like I can wait around for it to magically get better. I get more frustrated and stressed the more I put off running, which makes me more incapable of running, which makes me more stressed and frustrated, it is a big annoying cycle of whine and stupid. I know the cure is to just shut up and go run, which is basically my plan, but you guys it's RAINING and kind of COLD and I am WHINY and WHAT DO I DOOOOOO.

So any advice you have is welcome. Otherwise I will just be over here beating myself up and watching the countdown to the 10K get smaller and smaller.


An accurate representation of the way I panic, except they're running so OBVIOUSLY NOT HOW I AM PANICKING CURRENTLY.

BLAAARGH! Also in less annoying news, this lady is having a giveaway, go over and enter immediately! And also comment on her cute wedding pictures. Happy anniversary Carrie! :)


  1. I hate when i feel like that. I don't have an magically advice except to just force yourself to get out there & do it. When i have days i feel like cutting off my big toe instead of running, i make a deal with myself: Ok, run one mile. If you still hate life, you can quit & go home. But more times than not, i end up running more after that one mile.

  2. Thought I commented and then my comment disappeared so either I'm commenting twice, or commenting for the first time. Um. ok.

    So hi new reader here... loving your blog. Ive been like that about running lately, I ended up buying some new running goodies to kind of motivate myself. I'd sign up for a 5k or something but it's as hot as hades here already so I might die or something if I actually tried to run it.