31 December 2013


I mostly hate 2013. So many ridiculous things happened to me this year - the five months being terrified that I had a debilitating disease, the eventual diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy, the gluten intolerance, a breast lump (diagnosed fairly quickly via slimy ultrasound as benign), a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic that swelled my lips into Angelina Jolie-size and caused me to break out all over in hives, the subsequent dose of steroids - that my greatest feeling about the past 12 months is mostly a profound relief that they're finally over.

Which is ultimately short-sighted, even if I don't like to admit it. Some really good things happened this year, too. I met Brandon, which is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. I learned a lot about giving myself a break. I tried yoga. I ran every single day for a month. I traveled an insane amount. I went to Wisconsin - twice! - and didn't hate it either time. I relaxed and went with the flow and, I like to think, changed for the better. And I documented it all the best that I could, both on paper and with my camera(s). Here, in photo form, are some of my favorite moments from 2013.

I'm thankful for many things that happened this year, but sorry, 2013, I'm still not sorry to see your bitchass in the rear-view.

Happy new year! xo