29 January 2014

a tropical heat wave

It's cold in Wilmington and I can see snow on the ground from my couch. Snow! This hasn't happened in the three years that I've lived here and predictably, the city can't deal at all. Everything that can be shut down is shut down, which irritated me to no end - IT'S LIKE TWO INCHES OF SNOW YOU PEOPLE ARE SO WEAK - until my office was included on that list. At which point I was all, "Oh, yeah, it is kind of bad out there, maybe we should all stay inside until Saturday."

I did venture out twice, once to take a little photo walk and the second to go to the gym. It took about 15 minutes to drive the two miles there, only to find that the gym was closed despite its Facebook page telling me it wouldn't be (liars). There were a bunch of guys in the parking lot and when I turned to leave they all piled into their BMW and spent 10 minutes turning doughnuts in the parking lot. They were idiots - it's a large stretch of pavement, but there are a lot of light poles scattered throughout it - but it reminded me of being 17, when it would snow for days and my boyfriend would take me to the empty high school parking lot to do the same thing. I turned that into dramatic poetry post-breakup - "You pull the emergency brake and we go in circles," is how I worded it - but today the only drama is the fact that my hot water pipes are once again frozen and I can't shower. Apologies to my coworkers tomorrow. I tried.

(Title is a reference to this...

...which I always, always think of when it snows.)