31 May 2011

PDR + Oh Bye Oh

I've sort of kicked my running apathy in the butt...sort of. That is to say, I went a bunch of times. None were terrible and one, a 5.83-mile run last Thursday, was great. But I still feel like my head is not super in it.

For example, last night I ran 7.38 miles, by far my longest training run this time around. I was proud of myself for killing it mileage-wise, as I had only gone out intending to do around six miles. And it felt fine until about the last mile, which is to be expected, but I was kind of bored the whole time and sort of just wishing it was over. When I finished I just kept thinking that for the marathon I'm going to have to run SO. MUCH. FARTHER than that, and I felt, for the first time, pretty intimidated. Obviously the remedy there is to keep signing up for races (10K is in 13 days!) and to keep training, but I'm not used to being intimidated by races so it's kind of annoying.

I also (TMI alert) really had to pee the entire time on this run which reminded me, randomly, that running in hot weather has that effect on me. It was gross last night, like 87 degrees with 70 percent humidity. I would suck at living somewhere truly hot. However, I am sure you will all be happy to hear that I ran in my brand-new, first-ever sweat-wicking tank top. This bad boy, from Target:

But in black because I am Johnny Cash-like; also because my running shorts are all ridiculous colors so black was the shade most likely to match all of them. The tank top is VERY snug and in my never-used-a-wicking-top-ness I figured that would mean I would be sweltering the entire time, but I am happy to report that it does, in fact, do what it's supposed to do. It was disgusting outside but I was dry and happy the entire time. DAMN YOU, RUNNING BLOGGERS.

I imagine I will still wear them, though. But it was nice to be relatively comfortable while running through the sauna. FINE YOU GUYS WIN.

I will also say that while I wish I wasn't in Wisconsin, one of the benefits of being marooned here while I'm marathon training is that there is nothing the Dairy State can throw at me, weather-wise, that I'm not used to. I spent my entire childhood running here, in every conceivable kind of weather, from blizzards to thunderstorms to disgusting wet humidity. Even though I hadn't done it in years, the second I stepped outside last night I knew I would be fine even with the heat. It actually occurred to me as I was trotting along that I had run some of those exact same streets before in those exact same conditions. It's equal parts mortifying/pathetic and comforting. Whatever, as long as it got me through those 7.38 miles, I'm going to say it's fine.

Lastly, Jim Tressel resigned from Ohio State yesterday. I went to the University of Michigan so this is filling me with ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF GLEE, mostly because the man was a sham of piety from the beginning. Rich Rodriguez sucked for sure, but at least he sucked out in the open. BOOYAH. On that note I leave you with this:


Hail to the Victors!


  1. Effing cheating players/coaches. I'm still super pissed those players weren't dq'ed and then beat my Razorbacks in the Sugar Bowl. That was total shit and I'm still mad.

  2. Ugh I know. Actually, I don't really care so much about what they did, though I get why the NCAA has rules against it. What really strikes me is that Tressel painted himself as this holier-than-thou squeaky-clean coach, then went behind the scenes and did any number of shady things. I also realize that OSU is giving him the brunt of the blame in order to make it seem like it's a Tressel-centric problem rather than a problem with the school or the program itself. But still. The most ridiculous part is that he really didn't think he'd get caught.