06 May 2011

5 Things on Friday

Because I don't think I can come up with 15 things, I am just not as interesting as this girl.

1. I ran 5.2 miles at an 8:46 pace on Wednesday and it didn't feel fast at all, just comfy. Perhaps my tempo run Monday just busted me through that plateau?

2. For the past week or so my left hamstring has been tightening up about two miles into every run. On Wednesday, it got super tight then started to hurt, a la an oncoming injury. I foam-rolled and stretched the hell out of it and it feels fine now, but I am concerned because it has felt fine after every other run too - it's just during that it tightens. I am basically refusing to be injured so I think I might have to start (UGH) warming up before I run. Do any of you do this? When I was doing physical therapy for my IT band my therapist gave me a set of warm-up exercises called dynamic flexibility. It involves a bunch of stretches you do while walking/moving around, most of the time you look super-cool like this:

O hai, just monopolizing the track with my bending over

Dynamic flexibility helps a ton; I always feel looser and more comfortable in my running when I do it first but it's such a PAIN because it turns even a quick three-mile run into such a freaking PRODUCTION. Like I get changed and ready to go run and then I have to squat and flail all over my apartment for 15 minutes first, it's kind of exhausting. Factor in the icing/stretching/foam-rolling time after and even a short run takes an hour. Rage. But it's better than being injured and since I am just going to keep increasing my mileage from here, I guess I'll start doing it again. Somewhere in Virginia, Jeremy the physical therapist is cackling evilly right now from satisfaction, I just know it.

Do you like how he's all grainy because I made the photo bigger to fit my Charlie Sheen text? Me too. Take that Jeremy!

3. I had a job interview for the best. job. ever. yesterday. I have no idea if I will get it as I think it's a little above my experience level, but I feel like I kinda rocked the interview so I am feeling good regardless.

4. Then I found out I have to register my car in Wisconsin because Virginia (aka the Worst State Ever) is canceling my license because I am not living there anymore. I called the DMV and tried to explain that I am in a weird state of limbo but that I would prefer to just keep my Virginia residency until I know where I will be, but the DMV lady did not care. Obviously registering my car here is important SYMBOLICALLY as it means I am one step closer to dying here. F my life.

I do not miss Virginia (on account of it's the Worst State Ever), but I will miss my animal-friendly license plates. My pets will miss them too.

My popped collar indicates that I don't actually care at all about your license plates, I just want some sorority girls to party with.

5. I read an article in W Magazine about a "no poo" movement where people are eschewing the use of shampoo. Apparently your hair will clean itself if you leave it alone for 4-6 weeks. I am a big fan of not showering, but even I feel like this is excessive. And yet, I am still kinda tempted to try it, though I have to think the people who are doing this are not also training for a marathon; my head would start to reek after about three days. My sense is that that will not get me hired anywhere and it may also endanger the health of my freelance projects. Allegedly Prince Harry is a fan though.

So ostensibly his hair looks like that not from copious amounts of expensive hair product but because he doesn't wash it. Idk, but if he's smelly that baby doesn't seem to mind, though to be fair I am not sure I would either if I were in her position.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends! I am going to spend mine drinking with the boss, cursing Virginia while I pay extra to register my car here and cross-stitching. Just keeping alive my special blend of being simultaneously 80 and 12.


  1. Only a state as stupid as Virginia would HUNT YOU DOWN to tell you to change your plates. We didn't get a Michigan plate until we'd been living here 1.5 years, and I JUST got a Michigan license (because my IL one was expired. sad!) IL could care less if you're not living there, as long as you pay them to renew.

  2. I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you that this post both made me smile immensely and made me make a frowny face because I miss you so much. Love you!

  3. I was thinking about Pheebo when I was driving this morning!! I really need to meet that kid asap or we are never going to have the relationship I want, which is one where he loves me A LOT but spends a lot of time asking you repeatedly why I call him Pheebo. YESSSS.