12 August 2011

hodge podge update

Does anyone else ever sit around and hate on other running blogs? I do this a lot. Mostly in my head. Sometimes I make Melissa listen to me. It's super productive. Just, there are a lot of annoying people in the world, and some of those people have running blogs, and I am a judgey person with a lot of rage and sometimes I need to gmail-chat about it with many CAPSLOCKED sentences. The end.

Running has been going well, interestingly. INTERESTINGLY. I killed a 14-miler last weekend - set out with a handheld water bottle and a Spibelt full of peach tea Gu Chomps and rocked that mother. Unsurprisingly to everyone who is not me, the handheld water bottle is the best thing ever. (Have you noticed that I say this about every piece of running gear I acquire? Just wait until the day I get a Garmin; my head might explode.) I thought carrying it around would be a huge pain, but having the hand strap made it a non-issue. I could drink whenever I got thirsty; having water on hand made it easy to plan out my Chomps consumption and as a direct result I did not feel like dying even though it was hot while I was running. My legs felt fantastic until about mile 11 when they started to hurt and get tired, but mentally I was great on this run. Personal distance record: done. Confidence: restored.

Then I flew to North Carolina to look for an apartment. Moving sucks, and while I am so happy to be moving to an awesome new city, I am not thrilled about having to pay ODDLY EXPENSIVE water bills once I am living there. In Virginia (BOO HISS), my water/sewer/trash bill was $38 per month. In North Carolina, the same services are apparently going to run me $74 per month, and that's without the actual water consumption charges. Wtf. I can only assume this increase in cost is due to the fact that waste management workers have realized that dealing with sewage is a pain and have demanded more money to do so. And I understand that dealing with sewage is not fun, but I still do not think I should have to pay you $74 per month to do it. Did I force you to go into waste management? No. No I did not. (LOGIC!)

I got in a tempo run while I was there. It was hot, on concrete, an out-and-back and generally miserable. Though I'm going to be living on the water, it is still possible that moving to the bonafide South at the end of August during the last month of marathon training is perhaps....less than ideal. And yet, still better than living in Wisconsin, BOOYAH.

Then this morning I went for what I thought was a super-slow shake-out run before tomorrow's half-marathon. Turns out I ran that sucker at an 8:35 pace. INTERESTING. It really did feel to me like I was chugging along at around 10 minutes per mile. I think this bodes well for tomorrow. I also think it is interesting that I am at the point in marathon training where running a 13-mile race doesn't faze me at all. Seriously, it's less than I ran on my own last weekend; I'm looking at it as just another long run with other people around. Marathon training is weird. In what world is a 13-mile race no big deal?

Mmm. I don't like you.

The end. I am off to eat many carbs. The race is at night and I'm not really sure how to prepare for that; my guess is that I will eat some pita chips and sleep late. SHRUG.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  2. I love your bitch sessions, duh.

    So crazy that you are like "Yeah 13.1 miles tomorrow, no big deal. Off to eat some cheese." Good luck!! I bet you set a PR. :)

  3. Good luck on the half-y! And good luck with your transition to NC.

  4. Um, i need to be copied on these emails. B/c I've been having a lot of blog annoyance in my heart lately. Just...why are you popular? Is this a joke? Are y'all all in on it?

  5. I don't understand why you have to pay for water. I have never ever paid for water in any place I have ever lived. However, I have never lived in a house. only apartments. Are you living in a house? Also, we never pay for heat.

  6. I think that's part of what has made me go MIA from the blog world lately. I LOVE the motivational part, but I get so irritated sometimes. ahhh.
    Awesome job with your long runs. seriously. I can't even run .5 miles without dying. ridiculous.
    and those waste/water charges are unreal.