05 August 2011

In which I stick to a plan (!)

Speed workout = done! I was thinking last night how ridiculous it is that a six-mile speed workout is a refreshing light day in a marathon training schedule. Six miles! Nothing! Meanwhile a year ago six miles was a pretty long day of running. Mostly this just means I am a rockstar.

I went to the gym to do my speed workout because I like the fancypants treadmill (built-in TV, virtual track display, iPod docking station, personal fan) and also because using said treadmill makes it easier to monitor speed and know exactly how fast I'm going. I wanted to know my mile pace for this workout and when I do speedwork outside it's a lot of "I will run harder for one minute!" without having any idea what that really means.

Last night's workout looked like this:

One-mile warm-up: 9:40
First mile: 9:05
Second mile: 8:57
Third mile: 8:42
First half of fourth mile: 8:27
Second half of fourth mile: 8:20
One-mile cooldown: 9:40

I watched some Project Runway and, during the faster miles, listened to some music. I occasionally look like a spaz on the treadmill because I get really enthusiastic when my iPod hits on a song that perfectly matches my pace. I have trouble finding running music because most of it is too slow. Songs that you think would be great for running (Ke$sha, Lady Gaga, Britney/Christina) don't work for me when I'm on the treadmill because once you go under 10 minutes per mile you're running at a much faster clip than the pace of the songs. As a result some of my best running music is pretty random. For example the song I was super excited about last night was "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox 20. (I know. You probably forgot that Matchbox 20 even existed.)

I am also a perpetual fan of this gem:

OHH YES RICKY MARTIN. Anyway, when one of these songs pops up on my iPod I have a tendency to do matching arm/hand motions and to mouth the words with corresponding facial expressions. I'm a freak. People at the gym are probably afraid of me. At least at this gym the treadmills face a wall of windows, so nobody behind me can actually see the full extent of my insanity. That's saved for the lucky pedestrians outside.

The next run on my schedule (I have a SCHEDULE!) is a 14-miler tomorrow. I have a great route all mapped out and am excited, but also nervous, because this will be the longest distance I've ever run (previous record: half-marathon in April 2009). I will be packing two flavors of Gu Chomps (watermelon and peach tea), my handheld water bottle and the iPod shuffle. I keep taking that thing on my long runs and I have yet to use it, but I like having the option, at least. I also plan to, you know, EAT SOMETHING before I go. No more moronic running for me.

This run will also mark the official reunion of me and MY WATCH!! We were reunited this week after the watch place decided they could take a watchband off of a watch they had in stock. It took six weeks to arrive at this conclusion. I should probably be more annoyed but frankly am just excited that I got the thing back before I move.

I love you in primary colors!

Wish us luck!


  1. That MB20 song was on my playlist for a while! Of course I was running no where near as fast as you. :) Good luck on your 14 miler!!!

  2. Yeah, that cat is totally you. B-)