12 April 2011

tap tap

Oh hello, world of internet running blogging!

I am back, sort of, which is to say that my tailbone is healed (I think) and I am going to start running again really, any day now, as soon as I stop moping around about the fact that I still have not been able to find a job and am still living in the Great White North, and also, maybe some time soon, I will stop saying, "Since I am obviously going to start running again tomorrow, I am going to eat many delicious things tonight because after tonight I will be In Training and Eating Healthy!"

Things I have rationalized eating with this speech:
-cookie dough
-three huge breakfasts (on different days; please note how long I've dragged this out)
-Cadbury eggs (don't regret)
-two boxes of Cheez-Its (don't regret)
-two calzones with so much cheese it would choke a non-Wisconsinite (don't regret)

I mean I really don't regret any of this if we are being honest, on account of the deliciousness and also the fact that my clothes still fit, but it's just gross and stupid, especially since after all of that "O.M.G.This Is My Last Night Before I Start Training"-ness, I have, you know, not started training. Shrug. And I don't even have the cold to blame anymore because it's consistently in the 50s and 60s here, which for the Midwest is a damn heatwave.

So I did what any sane person would do when needing motivation to run: I registered for a marathon.

I know. Well, I have wanted to run a marathon forever, and I put it on my list of Things To Do Before I Turn 30. And then I up and turned 29 in February and all of a sudden turning 30 is this thing that is actually going to happen to me, like WHAT, so I hopped to it and picked one and here I am having the cold sweats about it online for the world to see.

I picked the Chicago Marathon, for several reasons. If GOD FORBID I am still in the Great White come October, it will be very easy to get to Chicago, and if PLEASE LORD I am elsewhere, it is supa-easy to fly into Chicago (much easier than it is to get to my hometown, actually, and cheaper). My stepsister and her boyfriend live there so ostensibly I will have free lodging (nope, haven't run that by them yet), and it's close enough to home that my family can drive down to watch me run. And the Midwest in October is a climate and a terrain that I am familiar and comfortable with. It is the perfect plan! Except of course that registration was closed so I had to join a fundraising team. So now I am not only running for myself and my before-30 dreams, but for homeless cats and dogs in Chicago. Really, it could only be more perfect if they were homeless cats and dogs in Wisconsin, and frankly, IT IS CLOSE ENOUGH.

So! I am back! Sort of, in that I have not actually done any running YET, BUT I WILL FOR SERIOUS, and I am sure I will fall down many many times and have more hilarious stories about which to blog. In the meantime I leave you with this:

Hey. I was homeless. Now I'm not. Maybe you could donate some money about that.

See, even my sweatshirt-wearing cat can do it! My bunny rabbit, however:

I was homeless too. Now I watch you sleep.

....probably can't. But I feel pretty confident he would want you to.

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