28 April 2011

THE RUNS (haaa)

I'm 12, for serious. I wanted to upload a picture I took at the grocery store yesterday to prove this, but it would require somehow getting a photo off my BlackBerry without creating an email account and I don't know how to do that. Instead I will recreate it for you!

Apparently this is some sort of English dessert, I don't know. Obviously this is why I never received my invite to the royal wedding. That and the fact that my name is Kate and my hometown is Middleton, so there would have been some tension and confusion about who was the correct bride (I think we all know the answer to that).

Anyway, onto the running! I went for a wonderful 4.2 miles on Tuesday at night and was reminded of a bunch of things, like how much I love running in the evening, how good Wisconsin smells when the weather pretends it is spring and it's right after a rainstorm, and how good running can be when it doesn't totally suck. I would rate that run about an 8.5 out of 10, it could only be better if it had been faster (I was at a 9:10 pace) and if I had not eaten a jillion Cheez-Its right before I went.

Today, I went running with my friend Allison. Allison and I have been friends since high school, she was one of the first girls I was ever good friends with because I learned at a young age that girls are DRAMA and being friends with boys is easier. (I then went to college and joined a sorority and now my number of girlfriends equals my number of guy friends; turns out I'm equal-opportunity.) Allison and I ran cross country and track together in high school and she hated me at first for awhile because once on the track bus I announced in front of our coach that my boyfriend had told me he had seen her at a - gasp! - DRINKING PARTY that weekend. I do not really blame her for hating me for this and also, I am a moron. But she did not get in trouble and then our coach made us run 18 200's one day and we have been friends ever since.

Sadly we do not look this nice when we run, especially because Allison spends a lot of our runs swearing at me under her breath for making her go.

Als is the only person I have ever really been able to run with, I think just because we spent so many years in sync that way that it's just easy to fall back into it. I emailed her a few weeks ago and asked if she wanted to run with me sometimes while I train and thankfully she said yes! So we went today. It is a very happy thing because it was cold and rainy and gross out and if left to my own devices I am not 100 percent sure what would have happened. We did my 3.6-mile loop at about a 10-minute pace which felt REALLY slow to me, but I went when it would have been easy not to so that is what I am focusing on.

Allison is running a 5-mile race this weekend and she asked me to do it with her and I was all meh, because it is $50 and I have only been running for two weeks so I'm trying not to push it super hard. I got through about half of the online race registration process last week and then decided to just register for that fake Legend of Arlage 5K instead. BUT then I got this email today:


I am confused by this but also excited because I enjoy a bargain, and what is a better bargain than getting to run a race for free? So I'm going to head over to Best Buy tomorrow and see what happens. I think the chances of there being a packet for me are pretty slim. I also think the chances of them having some record of my unintentional shadiness and then demanding payment are kind of high, and if they do, I am going to say no and leave which makes me look INTENTIONALLY shady, but whatever. As Allison said, "You are never going to see them again anyway." Of course she just wants someone to run this thing with so probably I shouldn't listen to her. I guess we will seeeeee! If my next blog is via BlackBerry from a holding cell in the back of Best Buy, YOU WILL KNOW. Of course that depends on my being able to blog from my BlackBerry; odds of that are slim at best.


  1. Giiirl, you need to get an iPhone. Your life will be so much easier. :)

    Good luck at not getting arrested at Best Buy!

  2. omg no. first of all, I am terrible with the touch-screen keyboard and second, they apparently stalk your location and keep track of it 24/7 and with all of the shady things I do, like trying to run CrazyLegs for free, I do not need Big Brother Apple keeping tabs on me.