28 April 2014

Weekend snaps

Summer, for all intents and purposes, is here (I live in the South, we have no time for your transitional seasons). The weather is perfect, if stormy, from now until about June, and then things turn disgusting and my hair grows three sizes in the manner of the Grinch's heart, and I make Brandon sit at least a foot away from me at all times because it's too hot for touching, and it is a struggle to leave the bliss of air-conditioned indoor spaces.
But for now, it's lovely; 70-80 degrees and low humidity and I don't want to die every time I go outside, so we have been taking advantage of living on the coast before the tourists arrive en masse. This weekend we rented a paddleboat and toured Greenfield Lake for an hour, visiting with turtles and fish and one very slow-moving alligator, and we also spent a wonderful afternoon at the beach, playing cards and reading and quickly moving our stuff away from the shifting high-tide line. It was a very good weekend. And now...Monday.


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