01 April 2012

Photos from life lately (all film):

I'm sort of playing the waiting game, but it's different than before because I'm different, but I'm also still me which means that I still need (and will always need) to talk about things. I can't change that and I don't want to because being able to talk about things saved me from so much when I was younger. So to that end, yes, I am still playing the waiting game. Jellyfish are washing up on shore and it's getting too warm for April and things are messy and imperfect and I walk and I run and I breathe and I laugh and I wait.


  1. Quite the artist! You are a fantastic photographer. And poetic writer. Graceful for sure

    1. oh ROSE. I am so ungraceful it's a little ridiculous. come over, I'll be happy to fall down in front of you.