06 January 2012


I went for my second run of the year this morning. Here it is, Garmin-style. (You will have to click to make it bigger if you want to look at it, because I am new to the Garmin and have no idea why it is so small.)

Looks easy! Not strenuous! Note the super-positive splits!

And then I got home and vomited on the sidewalk.


(Sorry. I know that's gross. But it is also accurate. Except that I was by myself.)

I've been running for more than half of my life and have NEVER thrown up after a run or a workout or a race. Needless to say I was surprised that it happened to me for the first time after a 9:30-pace, 2.5-mile run. Wtf, body. No idea.

I did a little Dr. Google after I showered and ate and I think the barfing was probably due to my total lack of hydrating before I went. I just had coffee. That coffee is gone now. It is on the sidewalk. This run felt gross. I bet you are surprised to hear that.

Oh well. On to the next!

someecards.com - Let's decide which champagne we're going to barf

Haha, if only.

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