14 June 2011

Fundraising update!

I keep forgetting to post this in any of my other entries so I am just going to go ahead and give it its own post:

I made my marathon fundraising goal last week! :)

Actually I exceeded my marathon fundraising goal by $90, because everyone in my life is officially 110 percent amazing. I'm thrilled that I was able to accomplish this but I'm even more excited that all of that money will benefit homeless cats and dogs in Chicago.

You're welcome, kitteh!

I'm going to leave the donate link on my blog until the marathon, just because it's such a great cause — you can read about PAWS Chicago, the no-kill shelter I'm running for, here — so if you have any extra dollaz and feel like supporting some kittens and puppies, you can just click there!

Otherwise, thank you so, so much to everyone who donated! I am honored and humbled by your support and can't wait to kick some butt in Chicago. :)