16 February 2011

update (not really)

This is what I am currently sitting on:

Why yes, yes that is a chair with a full-sized bed pillow on it. I should sit on this even when my ass is not injured, because my butt is bony enough that this chair causes me pain after five minutes anyway. But the fact that I went through the effort to grab a pillow from my bed to sit on while I blog should tell you that my tailbone still hurts.

The plus side: it is getting better! It hurts less and I can do various things that I could not before, like get into the car without wincing and carry a ladder without wanting to kill someone.

The down side: well. It still hurts.

I finally gave in and called my gym this morning to see if I could freeze my membership while my dignity heals itself. The membership guy was not in, so I left a message. He's there now and hasn't called me back, which is a fairly accurate metaphor for life at the moment. If you need me, I'll just be hanging out here on my butt pillow, waiting for the phone to ring and contemplating various life choices, like which microwaveable dish I would like to eat for breakfast.


  1. awww- I hope it continues to feel better! Your poor hiney! And hopefully they let you freeze the membership. :(

  2. He called back and said they will! AND, they will also give me back the past 2.5 weeks, I just have to bring in a doctor's note. Now I just have to figure out how to get a doctor's note with no insurance. One of my friends is a chiropractor...perhaps that will suffice. The shenanigans are never-ending.

  3. Bummer, dude. I hope your butt gets better soon!

    PS. Which microwaveable dish did you go with :)

  4. ohh I went for the Amy's tofu scramble. Delicious, except my cats stalked it the entire time. They stalked a tofu dish. They are NOT. NORMAL.